Like all creatures in nature, alligators are wonderfully designed for their... Read more
"Beast of the Bayou," "King of the Marsh" or even "Lion of the Marsh" because... Read more
Alligators are a valuable renewable natural resource. They were first harvested... Read more
Just up ahead, you will have the opportunity to walk on the Blue Goose Trail.... Read more
In spite of the peaceful setting, a battle is going on for the beach - a battle... Read more
Ahead you'll have the opportunity to turn east on LA 384 and drive over to... Read more
On the way out to the jetties you are driving along the Calcasieu Ship Channel... Read more
Just ahead on the north side of the road you will see the white courthouse set... Read more
If you would like to enter the jetty park, please stop and pay a minimal... Read more
Just ahead is the Visitor Center for the Cameron Prairie National Wildlife... Read more
As you scan the area you can see why this settlement is called Oak Grove.... Read more
Welcome to Cameron; a community of survivors who live on and with the land. In... Read more
The community of Hackberry is essentially an island only twenty-three feet... Read more
The black water birds seen swimming low in the water, with just their head and... Read more
Up ahead, take exit number 36 and bear right. Follow the signs on 397 South... Read more
Ahead on the right you will see a historical marker for the former site of a... Read more
The beach you see here is just one stretch of 26 miles of beautiful beaches... Read more
Ahead you will be entering Holly Beach. Prior to Hurricane Rita, this was a... Read more
At Holmwood, coming up, you can choose to drive east on Hwy 14 to visit the 35,... Read more
Holly Beach had been destroyed once before. In 1957, Hurricane Audrey hit the... Read more
You may have noticed remnants of cars, debris, and houses that still litter the... Read more
This is the intracoastal waterway - a 12 - foot deep channel that runs from... Read more
Louisiana is one of the top natural gas-producing states in the country.... Read more
Although not as conspicuous as birds, marsh mammals abound here too. At least... Read more
At the Hog Island Gully canal ahead you will see various water control... Read more
Seafood is not the only natural resource harvested from the Gulf. You... Read more
Watch for the enormous Brown Pelicans gracefully gliding along the roadside... Read more
Like all travelers, migrating birds must stop for rest and food. But their... Read more
Just after pulling off the highway you will see a parking area on the right.... Read more
Throughout the year, but especially in winter, you can see hawks flying low... Read more
The fields you see here with the ridges running through them are rice fields.... Read more
On the surface the Rockefeller Refuge looks similar to the other wildlife... Read more
Besides alligators, scientists here study coastal restoration and marsh... Read more
Just ahead you'll see a small sign directing you to Rutherford Beach.... Read more
You have entered Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, the oldest and largest of... Read more
Sulphur is named for the mineral that was mined here. Sulphur is referred to as... Read more
You may have already noticed the large black birds soaring above the... Read more
As you drive along, you may notice yellow tent shaped signs with black numbers... Read more
When you depart the Lake Charles Visitor Center, plan to get on I-10 eastbound... Read more
The 4-foot tall gray long-necked birds standing motionless, staring down into... Read more
The beauty of the marsh is often subtle. You might have to look closely at a... Read more
Welcome to the Creole Nature Trail - a 180-mile long adventure awaits as you... Read more
Take exit 20 and turn left, going south.
Ahead is the parking area for the Wetland Walkway. Strolling on this one and a... Read more
During late fall or winter you will likely see and hear thousands of geese.... Read more
Wetlands clean pollutants from water, add to precious groundwater supplies,... Read more

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